Lavika - magical vocal and beautiful soul, that opens itself to the world through the music. There is hidden love in her name, and her voice is a mixture of genuine bright female sensuality and tenderness. As a professional choreographer, she fills every single note with a movement of her body. As a graduate psychologist she feels the mood of music and her audience. And as an actress, she truly lives every sentence of her lyrics.
Creative and unpredictable, wild, affecting and full of dreams, she can make everybody dream and fall in love with herself from the first sight. Lavika lives for music and she passes each song through her own soul to give people the sincerity.
On 29th of December 2011, Lavika releases her debut album «Сердце в формате солнца» (“Heart In Format of the Sun”) under Ukrainian label Moon Records. Release includes three discs: an original album with 15 tracks, a CD «Танцуют все» (“Everybody Dance”) with the greatest hits and a DVD with documentary movie about Lavika. The CD also includes the most sensational tracks like «Вечный Рай» (“Eternal Paradise”) and «Счастье Цвета Платины» (“Happiness of the color of the Platinum.”). Videos for the songs mentioned above were filmed by Serhii Pertsev.
In March of 2012 Lavika presents music video for the song from her debut album «В Городе Весна» (“Spring In the City”). According to the first analysis ever of Billboard Chart Show in Ukraine, within a couple weeks of broadcasting «В Городе Весна» (“Spring In the City”) became the most rotated music video on the Ukrainian TV. The video shooting took place in Istanbul. Oleksandr Filatovych, who is well-known for his works with such singers and bands as Oleksandr Rybak, «Горячий Шоколад» (“Hot Chocolate”), Oleksandr Ponomariov, Alyosha, “Nikita” and many other popular artists, was its director.
In summer 2012 Lavika releases her new single «Всё в моей душе» (“All’s In My Soul”), video for this song was filmed in Turkey by a director Oleksii Lamakha. During the first three days video has been watched over 350000 times. In September 2012 Lavika presents a new single «Коснёмся Губами» (“Let’s Touch by Lips”). The video for this song was directed by famous Ukrainian clip-maker Alan Badoiev.
In February 2013 a singer presents her cover music video version of popular song “Che Guevara” - directed by Oleksii Lamakha, where she plays a role of the girl, who is making a violin from weapons. That video shows Lavika’s position against the war in all of its manifestations.
In May of the same year, Lavika presents the single «Лето» (“Summer”) that takes lead places in charts, and English version of this song becomes very popular in Germany. Belgian DJ Michaela Fall makes a Remix of “Summer”, publishes it on his social media page and that track becomes very popular in many foreign countries. In June two music videos for both versions are released. Those were directed by Oleksandr Filatovych in Portugal.
At the end of August 2013 a new single and music video «Капли дождя» (“Drops of the Rain”) - an art cooperation of Lavika and Kishe are released. Sensitive and melodic song, like a true whisper of the rain shares and infects with romantic mood. Andrii Kishe is deeply assured: “In every rain, there are some echoes of eternity and love”. The inspiration of writing this song was brought to Kishe by the raindrops that were knocking on the window,that makes you want to watch them for hours. Exactly at that moment Andrii decided to ask Lavika to record it – he believed she is the only one who is capable to turn the sound of the raindrops into a pure magic. Soon the result of their cooperation- an extremely touching music video, that looked more like a short movie, that was directed by Oleksandr Filatovych was introduced to the audience.
In September of 2013, after a year and half from the release date of her debut album «Сердце в формате солнца» (“The Heart In Format of the Sun”), grown up Lavika moves to a new story that calls «Коснёмся Губами» (“Let’s Touch by Lips”) - track list of an album includes 11 songs. To the well-known hits such as: «Коснёмся Губами» (“Let’s Touch by Lips”), «Лето» (“Summer”), «Всё в моей душе» (“All’s In My Soul”) had joined many new compositions, among them - the hit of the fall «Капли дождя» (“Drops of the Rain”) - romantic duet with Kishe and an original bonus track - «Дыши» (“Breathe”).
Traditionally Lavika prepared some surprises for her fans. This time, with a CD album, that also included 5 new remixes, she released a DVD with photos of the musicians and top10 music videos that were actively rotated on TV. Also the DVD included Live-concert performed by Lavika and the band in the FDR Studio. New album «Коснёмся Губами» (“Let’s Touch by Lips”) is full of the rhythms of nights, woman emotions and love stories but still it saved Lavika’s inexhaustible light and love, both to the World and music.
In December of 2013 the album «Коснёмся Губами» (“Let’s Touch by Lips”) is released on vinyl.
In January of 2014 Lavika presents her new single «Я рядом» and its English version “Don’t Let Me Go”. Two music video for both versions are released too, directed by Oleksandr Filatovych. On 28th of March 2014 Lavika presents a track «Родные люди» (“Native People”), recorded in pretty new music style in collaboration with Pavlo Tereshchenko. In November of 2014 Lavika in collaboration with Tatiana Reshetniak and Vlad Darvin releases a brand new hit «Я или она» (“Me or She”) and presents a comic lyric video in social media. But soon this video becomes very popular and is rotated on TV. In March of 2015 a romantic single «Всегда твоя» (“Always Yours”) is released in two languages, again two music videos for both of versions are released. The songs reminded about earlier music style of Lavika. In November tenderness of a guitar sound is replaced by a fiery rhythms of a night when the first, in a music career of singer, dance video with ballet for the song «Осколки льда» (“Splinters of Ice”) is released. Also this song had its English version. In February 2016 Lavika participates at the national selection of Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Hold Me”. In summer the same year she plays a role in teaser video of the movie “MONO” by Iuliana Ulybina. In June of 2017 Lavika presents her new song «Давай зі мною» (“Let’s Go with Me”) in a completely new style with a subtle raga-jungle motives. It could be heard on many Ukrainian radio stations. The song was recorded in three languages in collaboration with the Sinegull Production Record Studio and Ivan Shmalii («Последний раз» (“One Last Time”), «Над Горизонтом» (“Above the Horizont”).


*Lavika* Всё в моей душе
*Lavika* Всё в моей душе (Live)
*Lavika* Лавика - Осень - это я
*Lavika* Сердце Цвета Платины
*Lavika* Вечный Рай
*Lavika* Лавика - Осень - это я (DJ Melloffon radio edit)
*Lavika* Ты уходи (Version by D.Shifer)
*Lavika* Ты уходи
*Lavika* Качели
*Lavika* Счастье Цвета Платины (Live @ УТ-1)
*Lavika* Подруга (Зубки)
*Lavika* Осень - это я (Dj Melloffon radio edit)
*Lavika* Che Guevara (Hasta siempre)
*Lavika* Che Guevara (Comandante)
*Lavika* Родные люди
*Lavika* Che Guevara
*Lavika* Капли Дождя (feat. Kishe)
*Lavika* Всегда твоя
*Lavika* Don't Let Me Go
*Lavika* Всегда твоя (Lyric Video)
*Lavika* My Only One
*Lavika* You make me smile
*Lavika* Я или она (feat. Тиана) /Lyric video/
*Lavika* Осколки Льда
*Lavika* Body Cries
*Lavika* Лето
*Lavika* Всё в моей душе
*Lavika* Коснемся губами
*Lavika* В городе весна
*Lavika* Осень - это я
*Lavika* Вечный рай (Live)
*Lavika* Summer
*Lavika* Новый год!
*Lavika* Ты уходи (Version by D.Shifer)
*Lavika* You make me smile
*Lavika* Качели
*Lavika* Лавика - My Only One (Dj Melloffon Remix)
*Lavika* New Year!
*Lavika* Давай зі мною
*Lavika* Забьем на это - Lyric video
*Lavika* Фьорды | Lyric Video


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