Andriana - Ukrainian singer, who creates music in Pop-Music genre both in Ukrainian and English languages.

The future talented singer Andriana was born on the 12th of April. Parents saw her music talent and decided to take their daughter to music school in Kamianka-Buzka to learn the vocal technics and develop her vocal abilities. Soon enough she wrote music to her first song and after it she realized that she wants to be a professional singer. Primarily the young girl was supported by her mother. They were visiting a lot of vocal festivals and contests together where Andriana took first and awarding places in the nominations “Vocal”.
So in that period from 1996 to 2004 Andriana got awarded in 33 international contests and festivals.
In 2003 Andriana released her first single «Не забуду» (“I Won’t Forget”). It took very good places on the charts of regional radio stations. After this song Andriana became famous singer in Ukraine. In 2004 she presented her first music video «Я не забуду» (“I Won’t Forger”).

At the period from 2003 to 2004 Andriana had already released more than10 singles and in 2005 she presented her debut album «За тобою в небеса» (“To Heaven For You”) 8000 CD copies of which had been sold. Also from 2004 to 2008 she released 3 music videos: «Вільна душа» (“Free Soul”), «Love StoryЯ» (“Love StoryYa”), «Пригорни мене» (“Hold Me”).
Many TV projects were inviting Andriana, therfore in period 2004 - 2010 she was taking part in projects «Шлягер року», «Наша пісня» many times.
From 2006 to 2016 she had around 600 concerts in different Ukrainian cities.

Andriana is a composer, and she cooperates with many lyricists from Lviv, who write songs for her.

On 23d of December 2008 in DISCO RADIO HALL Andriana presented her second album «Love StoryЯ» (“Love StoryYa”). And in 2009 she was chosen as a winner in the category “Best Female Singer of the Year” by «RIA Львів» (“RIA Lviv”) magazine.

2008 - 2015 Andriana released 10 singles and 4 music videos: «Love Show», «Назовсім» (“For good”), «Назавжди» (“Forever”), «Адреналін» (“Adrenaline”).

During many years of music career Andriana has been a co-organizer and participant of many charity concerts where all funds from tickets were transferred for needs of seriously ill children and wounded soldiers from ATO zone. Also Andriana’s charity project “Andriana and Lviv Region Friends” helps many orphanages and military hospitals.

In 2016 a new song of Andriana - «В нашому серці» (“In Our Heart”) with music video were released. As the singer said: “After the recent occasions in Ukraine, when people had died on the Independence Square and on the East part of country the war had begun, I felt that I want to write this song. I don’t want to tell who is this song about. I think when you will hear it, you will understand”.

After this Andriana released a song with music video, that called «Неба мало» (“Lack of the Sky”). It became the latest song of the creative stage when she was mostly singing sad and lyric songs about love.
At the end of 2016 Andriana decided to change her music style radically. From romantic artist she turned into joyful and desperate woman, who sings ironic and funny songs in Balkan style.
To the Andriana’s team joined brass section and from then she has 5 musicians and it is a full music band that called “BALCANIC BAND”.
For one year she and her band presented 3 music videos. The video for the song «Ла Ла Ла» (“La La La”) became very popular and it has been watched around 500 000 times on YouTube and it also received a lot of good feedbacks. The video «Бред Пітт» (“Brad Pitt”) is also very popular on TV and the music video «Не дала» (“Didn’t give”) is becoming very popular too.
The experiment turned out to be very successful and now Andriana’s songs can be heard on the main TV channels and radio stations and they take the top places at the different music charts.
Now Andriana is invited by many TV channels and to many projects.

As she says: “It all is only a beginning!”.




Andriana Андріана - Бред Пітт
Andriana Андріана — Ла-Ла-Ла
Andriana Не дала
Andriana Мій ангел
Andriana Boy
Andriana Після війни



"Після війни" - Андріана випустила пісню, яка гріє душу, вселяє надію і віру в спільну перемогу

Слухати пісню "Після війни" https://bfan.link/pislya-viyni

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