The LUMIERE is Ukrainian band which was founded by its lead vocalist - Roman Veremeichyk at the time of his participation at the vocal show “X-Factor”, where he was among the favorites. But in the final Roman surprised everyone with his decision to leave the project.

Right after this he began to receive a lot of tempting offers from producers who suggested him to start a solo career, as well as many other popular bands offered him to join them, even The STB Channel asked him to come back to the show, but Roman stayed loyal to the guys he met before “X-Factor” and he decided to continue his music way together with the boys and promote the LUMIERE in cooperation with Vladislav Mitsovskyi, who is well known by his collaborations with different popular bands including: Ocean Elzy, Akvarium, Fleur, Esthetic Education.

When few months passed by, the band successfully signed a contract with world-renowned recording label - Sony Music. Representatives of Sony Music had arrived to Kyiv in order to meet the band’s members and to visit their rehearsals. For half of a year in cooperation with Sony, LUMIERE released their first full-length album and two music videos.
It is worth to note: during that period iTunes published the list of the most perspective artists of the year, among which LUMIERE occupied quite a respectable position.

In the next two years LUMIERE had many concerts in Ukrainian cities and performed at the main stages of the biggest Ukrainian festivals: The Best City, Схід-Рок (East-Rock), Koktebel Jazz, RESPUBLIKA, ГогольFest (GogolFest), Белые ночи (White Nights), Международный фестиваль Красок (International Holy Festival), etc. At that time LUMIERE stopped to cooperate with Vlad Mitsovskyi and Sony Music Company.

In February 2017 LUMIERE made a decision to participate in the national selection for the Eurovision song contest. The band was one of 20 chosen artists, but at the semifinal they got average points from judges and spectators.

Also, in 2017, LUMIERE released 4 Ukrainian singles, those can be heard on the most popular radio stations, thereby confirmed its position in the modern Ukrainian music.

Group members:

Roman Veremeichyk - vocal 
Taras Tiahun - sound
Maks Holubnychyi - drums


Shozha na doshch (Single)


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