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*Viktor Pavlik*
Бо в сні відлітаю
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*Viktor Pavlik*
Бо в сні відлітаю
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Side A

1. Бо в сні відлітаю (05:10)
2. Встань, пробудися, Україно! (04:02)
3. Я лечу до Тебе (04:05)
4. Боже мій милий (04:48)
5. Я без Тебе безсилий, Господь (04:11)

Side B

1. Дякуючи Богу (03:54)
2. Найкращий день (03:43)
3. Я славлю Тебе, Ісус (04:47)
4. Ісус, Ісус, Ісус (05:09)
5. Слава Богу (04:28)

Genre: Pop
Vinyl: 140 g/cm3
Color: Black
Catalog number:  MV 0059-1
Barcode: 4820011005919
Manufactured: Germany
Description: The People's Artist of Ukraine, Viktor Pavlik, presented his album "Because I fly away in a dream". This album contains 10 songs written by the famous poet and composer Oleg Mayovsky, which fill listeners with themes of love and gratitude to God, Jesus.
"For I fly away in a dream" is an album that contains emotional songs that inspire faith and hope. Each song contains a unique energy and penetrating power of the word.

950 грн.
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