*Tonia Matviienko*


*Tonia Matviienko*

Tonia Matviienko - Ukrainian singer in third generation, whose voice is recognized by its timbre, which is very similar to her mother’s - national singer of Ukraine, Nina Matviienko.
For the first time Tonia performed on the stage when she was 10 years old. She had got two tertiary educations in KII of Culture and Arts: PR Manager and Vocalist of folk singing.
For three years Tonia had been the lead singer of Kiev Chamber Orchestra, after this she tried herself at the most popular vocal TV show “The Voice” in Ukraine where she took second place. Exactly because of her participation at this show she obtained her popularity and recognition.

In 2011 Tonia presented her first music video for song «А може ти» (“Maybe You”), where her future husband Arsen Mirzoyan played a part.
In 2013 she collaborated with DJ Tapolsky. Anatoliy (DJ Tapolsky) made three remixes of her songs. Later the duet performed at the popular British Festival “Global Gathering”.
In the same year Tonia Matviienko released a music video “Мавка” (“Mavka”) that was directed by Oleh Borshchevskyi.
In 2014 Tonia gathered virtuosic musicians and created acoustic program with different kinds of music instruments involved: bass, pandora, Armenian duduk, piano and percussion. With this program she had a tour in Ukraine which lasted for two years. After this in 2015 she released her debut album "Сміються, Плачуть Солов'ї" (“Laughing, Crying Nightingales”) .
A friendships with the lead vocalist of the band LAMA soon turned into duet and they recorded a song "Мій Милий" (“My Sweetheart”) which was followed by a same-named music video.
In 2016, after she gave a birth to her second daughter, Tonia participated in the national selection of "Eurovision". Shortly after that she announced her second tour “Тобі” (“To You”).
In 2017 she released a song “Душа” (“Soul”), dedicated to her wedding with Arsen Mirzoian.
Tonia Matviienko has remarkably sensual and vivid repertoire with deep lyrics and beautiful music solutions. Her music videos differ from other existed on media space, because they are profound, combined as with modern pop styles so with folk elements.


*Tonia Matviienko* Мавка
*Tonia Matviienko* А може ти
*Tonia Matviienko* Мої сни
*Tonia Matviienko* Тобі
*Tonia Matviienko* Хто я для тебе
*Tonia Matviienko* Доберман
*Tonia Matviienko* Дитячий сміх
*Tonia Matviienko* Не відповідай | Lyric Video


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