Andrea Pinto


Andrea Pinto

Andrea Pinto, singer and songwriter from Avellino, Italy. He composes his own music and lyrics.

"Andrea's dreamlike and nihilistic music is a dark and introspective trip into the confused world that we have denied, but where we are unfortunately prisoners".
Andrea, fond of art and literature since his early teens, studied humanities at Liceo Classico p. Colletta of Avellino, where he got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature(historical/artistic direction) at the University of Salerno, Italy, where he had the opportunity to deepen his previous literary and artistic studies.
He started to compose poetry at the age of 15, and since that time became passionate about the guitar, which became his inseparable friend. He wrote what he considers to be some of his best songs at the age of 18-19, and from that point on his prolific songwriting has continued to this day.
Andrea's divides his time between Italy and Ukraine, his adopted land where he spends much of his life. He is very fond of Ukraine, and appreciates the Ukrainian cultural and the magic of many Ukrainian cities and towns, especially Lviv which was the source of inspiration for many of his songs and videos.
He plays a unique style of indie rock music which comprises many influences such as grunge, country and folk.
His poetic lyrics and unique timbre of voice were soon noticed by many broadcasters and radio stations, both in Italy and Ukraine, his songs often made the Top 10 in Italy's Hit Parade. He recently attained 1st position with his single ''Purple Cloud'' according to the 7va International Italian radios Hit Parade.
Alternative and literary, his songs speak of states of mind, inner journeys, never fulfilled passions, visions, angst and hopes, and the loneliness of those who were defeated by life.
His work attempts to analyze the dark side that is hidden within us all, and although his music is dreamlike and spiritual, it doesn't lose contact with the reality of the modern world. In fact, he studies social themes, and he sees many of his songs as generational hymns. His art is directed to all those people who dream of a different world, and are seeking a purer place in society.


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Andrea Pinto Небо різдва


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