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Tom 1 – Side А:
1. Do smerti I dovshe
2. Tatko khoryi
3. Razom my
4. Korali
5. Kazka
6. L.V.
Tom 1 – Side B:
1. Ruky meduzy
2. Zahublenyi rai
3. Toi prykryi svit
4. Korali (mix)
5. L.V. (mix)

Tom 1 – Side A:
1. Hodynnyk
2. Ia zhyvu
3. Chuiesh bil’
4. Education
5. Nikomu to ne treba
Tom 1 – Side B:
1. Train
2. I bude tak
3. Tam de mene lyshyly
4. Nikomu to ne treba (mix)
5. Chuiesh bil’ (mix)

Genre: synth-pop
Color: black
Catalog number: MV 0048-1
Barcode: 4820011004813
Manufactured: Germany

"Kazky" is the third official studio album by the band "Skriabin". It was first released in 1997 in Ukraine. The album includes both new songs and older ones: «Chuiesh bil’», «Education», «Nikomu to ne treba», «Train». "Kazky" is considered the essence of Skryabin's worldview, an album "from the heart". By combining songs from different periods and uniting various moods with a relatively consistent sound, "Kazky" created a whimsical model of Skryabin's philosophy. It was unanimously recognized as an "album for thinking", and the songs from it were regarded, in analogy with an old Soviet label applied to rock music, as "songs with meaning".
The deluxe edition on double vinyl additionally includes several rare versions of songs.



1. До смерті і довше
2. Татко хорий
3. Разом ми
4. Коралі
5. Казка
6. L.V.
7. Руки медузи
8. Загублений рай
9. Той прикрий світ
10. Годинник
11. Я живу
12. Чуєш біль
13. Education
14. Нікому то не треба
15. Train
16. І буде так
17. Там, де мене лишили

2100 грн.
150 грн.
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