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Мова риб
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Мова риб
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Side A1:
1. Vona dohnala dykyi viter
2. Samotnii viazenʹ
3. Olya
4. Na dakhu
5. Chym pakhne?
Side A2:
1. Shchosʹ zymno
2. Ne vmyrai
3. Na ochakh
4. Sam
5. Osinʹ - zyma

Side B1:
1. Pobeda
2. Tekhnoseks
3. Turbо - tekhnо
4. Kholodnyi smak
5. Lyshysia toho
Side B1:
1. Nay bude doshch
2. Khoryi spokyi
Bonus tracks:
3. Sam (minus vocal mix)
5. V ochakh (demo)

Genre: electronic/ synth-pop/ techno/ electro
Color: black
Catalog number: MV 0047-1
Barcode: 4820011004714
Manufactured: Germany

Description: "Mova ryb" is the second album by the band "Skriabin", which was released in 1993 (it lay on the shelves of the only studio in Lviv at the time for another year). The original record was released only on cassette tapes, but it was on this album that the techno style, popular at the time, first appeared. Overall, "Mova ryb" was an unusual recording for Ukraine. The synthetic sound, techno rhythms, post-punk drums, and neo-romantic melodies amazed music enthusiasts. Recorded at the "Studio Leva" in Lviv, the album became "Skriabin's" first officially released album.

The deluxe edition on double vinyl additionally includes several rare versions of songs.


1. Шось зимно
2. Чим пахне
3. Небо
4. Техносекс
5. Побєда
6. Холодний смак
7. Turbo-techno
8. Оля
9. Осінь-зима
10. Хорий спокій
11. Най буде дощ

150 грн.
2100 грн.
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