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Te Deum
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Te Deum
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Side A
1. Clone
2. Word of illusions
3. City on Fire (feat. Матвієнко Марія)
4. Lie
5. Ruins

Side B
6. Oblivion
7. Misanthropy
8. Death is Blind
9. Depth
10. Reflexia

Genre: Doom-Death Metal
Vinyl: 140 g/cm3
Color: Black
Catalog number: MV 0044-1
Barcode: 4820011004417

Description: Veterans of the Ukrainian heavy scene, the doom death metal band Te Deum, have returned with their album Reflexia after a twenty-year hiatus. During this time, there have been significant changes in the band's existence and in the world at large. However, with time comes invaluable experience, which allowed Te Deum to record precisely this album. Without a doubt, it is worthy of a vinyl release today, much to the anticipation of all their fans.
The album features intensely brutal vocals, guitars, and bass, combined with keyboards that complement the intricate patterns and atmosphere. The album's title, Reflexia tells us that it reflects the life journey of the band members and their contemplations on the fleeting and multifaceted nature of life, particularly its melancholic aspects.

950 грн.
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Discography Te Deum

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