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Tribute to СКРЯБІН
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Tribute to СКРЯБІН
moon records
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MOON RECORDS Presents a set of vinyl records 2LP

Tribute to СКРЯБІН + bonus KOSMOPOLIS "Матерія"

Tribute to СКРЯБІН
Vinyl 140 g/cm3 Colour: Black
Side A
1. АНТИТІЛА – Люди як кораблі 
3. DAKOOKA – Дельфіни
4. IВАН ДОРН – Танець пінгвіна
5. SHEETEL – Black Like Milk
6. DJ LUTIQUE – Спи собі сама
7. DMYTRO BOGUSH (DE SHIFER) – Тепла зима 
8. FREEDA SHENK – Випускний
Side B
1. PIANOБОЙ – Шампанськi очі
2. KOSMOPOLIS – Остання сигарета 
3. ЛАВІКА – Квінти
4. ВІКТОР ПАВЛІК – Соло (Remake)
5. SOFO – Спи собі сама
6. KOMISAROFF – Добряк
7. СКРЯБІН & ОЛЬГА ЛІЗГУНОВА – Я сховаю тебе
MV 0062-1 BARCODE: 4820011006213

Bonus KOSMOPOLIS "Матерія"

Vinyl 140 g/cm3 Colour: Marbled Purple

Side A
1.Не про нас
2.Час пік
4.Одні на двох
5.Дай мені

Side B
1.Все що нам треба
2.Больше чем
3.Хто зверху
4.Сделай громче
5.Міста за нами стежать
6.Все що нам треба (Shumskiy Remix)
[Ексклюзивно на вінілі cекретний бонус-трек]

MV 0026-1 BARCODE: 4820011002611

Production: Germany
Description: The vinyl compilation “Tribute to Skryabin”, along with an additional record from KOSMOPOLIS, will undoubtedly appeal to our music enthusiasts.

The first record, “Tribute to Skryabin”, features all the well-known and beloved songs of Skryabin, performed by other talented contemporary ukrainian artists. Each composition is recorded in the performers' own style in the unique manner of each of them. And their names are quite familiar too.

The second record is the debut vinyl album of the young ambitious rock band KOSMOPOLIS. And it's not a coincidence. There's a sense that these musicians also have great potential to join the ranks of those who are already famous and successful representatives of the modern ukrainian rock scene. Don't miss out on listening!

+ bonus

1400 грн.
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